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Google Voice is a free to low-cost telephone service provided by one of the world’s leading tech giants Google LLC in some specific countries with various associated services along with voice calls since March 2009. Based on device, platform, and device application its services vary. Google Voice provides you with a single number based upon your preference and availability of the number to you, which is completely different than your mobile or land phone number. And everything starts from first creating a Google account.
It uses Voice over Internet Protocol that allows its users to configure to combine various types of cellular services, which makes it possible to answer a call switching different devices.

The account format: 1) Login:, 2) Email:, 3) password: *********, 4) Recovery Mail:, 5) Backup Code: 8 digit code ( e.g. 1111-2222), 6) Phone Number: e.g. +1(XXX) xxx-xxxx.

Features of Google Voice:

Usage: Google Voice is predominantly used for making calls within its service area. Along with voice call it offers voice mail and texting. It manages your call history, call screening, and call blocking. You can make, receive, and forward a call using Google Voice in your configured devices. Its Voice mail service comes along with call transcription so that you can view the transcripted text without listening to the whole call. Voice mail, missed call alerts and text messages can be configured to forward to an email.

Activity management: All the data related to the conversations, their duration, time of the call, missed calls, voice mails, and text messages are recorded in Google Voice.

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